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Loving Embrace™ Contour Wedding Band Program

The Program

Over several months, we have created the first ever contour measuring device. The tool will allow you to measure the contour needed for a wedding band to sit flush with an engagement ring. Your customer will not even need to take off her ring!



How it Works

With our patent pending 12-piece contour sizing set, you will try different contour bands until you find the perfect fit for your customers ring. Once you know your customers contour number, you will allow them to choose from seven popular setting styles, or just a plain shadow band. We will ship you that setting style with the contour number that matched your customer's ring. Delivery usually takes about a week, and further customizations are available upon request.





  • 12 Contour Bands - tried and tested to fit 95% of all engagement rings
  • An attractive display unit to feature in your showcase
  • Patent pending tool, that takes the science out of curved weddingbands
  • Quick delivery of custom wedding bands




  • No need to take possession of your customers ring
  • Custom Design, without the expensive CAD charges
  • Quick delivery
  • Access to 84 contour band styles




  • Quicker Delivery, Higher Margin
  • Happy customers will Rant and rave to friends, resulting in more referrals
  • Less money wasted on shipping and insuring expensive engagement rings
  • Less Stress